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The Rust Protection Products used at Hughes Motor Products are top-of-the-line. Customers, dealerships and fleets have been trusting us for years.

Rustproofing not only protects your investment, it saves time and money. Rust is arguably the biggest danger to vehicles in this region, even modern cars are not immune. Rust damage can lead to value loss, mechanical failure, safety concerns and a prematurely dated looking vehicle. The most effective protection against rust is high quality non-drip rustproofing applied by an experienced rustproofing technician.

Rust is like a disease. It easily jumps from one part of metal to another. Dripless rustproofing out performs oil sprays. It stays on your vehicle and doesn't drip off leaving it unprotected. Our material also contains a rust inhibitor that creates a permanent protective barrier between your vehicle and the harsh environment. Semi-annual inspections are recommended but usually require no touch ups. We have a single application program with no need to spend money every year.

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