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Rustproofing: Why should you do it?

The Rust Protection used at Hughes Motor Products is only the best. It is wax based not petroleum. The best product available in the business. Saving you time and money, it does not wash off and there is no need to reapply every year. It seals and doesn't let moisture collect to protect your investment.

Rustproofing has several other advantages aside from keeping the car rust-free. First it improves the car's condition over time and minimizes its depreciation value. Let's say you want to trade your six-year-old Corolla for a Lancer. But you never applied rustproof on your car. So now it's got rust and all other signs of vehicle corrosion, and its current value is no more than a tenth of its original price. You can drive to a detail shop and have it cleaned up, but that is money out of your wallet. You could have easily saved a few hundred dollars if you only took the time to apply rustproof on the car every couple years or so.

Another reason for you to rustproof your car is longevity. Cars, or vehicles in general, are a hefty investment. They don't grow on trees, neither is the money used to purchase them. So if a person buys a car he or she probably wants it to last as long as possible, to make the most out of every dollar spent, and the way to do that is by rustproofing the car. Rust is a disease. It easily jumps from one part of metal to another. Rustproofing the body helps preserve the good rust-free condition of your car.

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